Almayan Trading Company

Al Mayan Trading; is a world-leading supplier of top-quality Foodstuff, Medical and Medical Equipments, Surgical Instruments, Furnitures, Spare Parts, Construction and Construction Equipments, Ceramics, Parquest, Wall Papers, Office Items, Lightening, Paint Removers, Brushes and Rolls for Paint Industry, Plastic, Electricity Equipments, Sports Items, Textile, Hotel Supplies, Disinfectation and Disinfectation Stands, Detergant, Personel and Home Cleaning Items, Pet Supplies, and etc..

Our commitment to help our clients deliver strategies has seen us build a truly global network

When it comes to assisting suppliers and retailers to connect on a worldwide basis, we ensure that only the best products make their way from the factory floor all the way to the store shelf. We are able to do this with the help of our professional employee base, whom have an utmost amount of focus on providing our clients and partners with support to realize greater value from our international supply chain. Our network of employees consists of highly educated and experienced employees in a myriad of backgrounds, including of engineering, marketing, business, shipping, etc.

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